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About Us

About Us

There is always one more way to make your house more practical and our drywall repair services can be of great assistance. Our experienced contractors can help you when you are planning drywall home remodeling and looking for the best experts in California.

Address: Montrose Ave
La Crescenta, California
Zip code: 91214
Phone: 818-539-2418

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Need the best house drywall plans, remodels & additions? Contact our expert drywall company for all services including tile repairs

Whether you require drywall installation or repair, the specialists at “Drywall Repair La Crescenta” is ready to help you. We serve the entire city and the surrounding area, providing reliable services that give you peace of mind. If your walls or ceiling already has holes, stains, and cracks, or you want to add some texture to them, please call us. As trusted experts in drywall repair, patchworks, and finishing our professional team will ensure the job is completed on time.

We Pay Attention to Detail in All Our Services

Our renowned company aims to deliver excellent care for your drywall project. The elite quality of our services, acclaimed customer satisfaction, and retained adept team are hallmarks of our excellence. The installation process begins with framing and ends with the surfaces ready for finishing, ensuring durability. We pay attention to detail, especially with the radiuses, arches, and corner beads so that each dimension is pleasing to the eye. Our dedicated team also takes advantage of modern tools as we install curved walls in the most appealing effect. For areas penetrated by plumbing supplies, we use moisture resistant drywall, to reduce the possibility of mold damage.

At Drywall Repair La Crescenta, you find a team of expert drywall contractors who believe that a great finish requires the right tools, products, and people. What we do is begin with pre-filling and preparation, taping all joints, and placing corner beads properly, leading to corners and seams that resist cracking as the drywall sets. Before the final finishing, inspections take place to make all necessary adjustments. Likewise, we offer dozens of textures in various colors applied by our talented craftsmen. The new finish runs into the old one so it would not be obvious as to where it begins and ends. You can be proud to show off your new drywall remodel if you decide to work with us.

We are composed of highly experienced teams equipped with technologically advanced equipment for a more efficient service. What our outstanding company offers is a more personalized job that considers your needs and budget. Call us now to learn more about our quotes, or to schedule a visit to your home.

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